Cloud ManagementAWS Management, Azure Management, DigitalOcean Management
and Alibaba Cloud Management

Managed Cloud Solutions

AWS(Amazon Web Services) and Azure are the scalable public cloud solution from Amazon and Microsoft respectively. At eWebGuru, we help you setup, manage, maintain, monitor and grow your AWS or Azure solution. We at eWebGuru also provide DigitalOcean and Alibaba Cloud Management services at affordable prices.
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We take care of everything you'd need to run your business efficiently - patching, security, monitoring & more.


If you're looking to use architecture automation, config management, deployment automation, our team will be able to assist and advise you.


Because of our team's intimate knowledge of your setup, we'll be on-hand to help you with other areas that you need assistance 24/7.


We'll proactively patch your operating system when security updates are released. We can also run ad-hoc security scans on your websites to look for vulnerabilities and malware.

Assistance with Autoscaling

It's not just about monitoring and maintaining what you've already got. Whether it's scaling upwards, re-architecting or adding resilience, that's what we're here for.

Securing, backing up and monitoring

One of the most vital services we provide, is ensuring that AWS is working the way it should in back ups. Is your data truly secure and is the system being monitored sufficiently well to keep you compliant but also keep the business on firm ground?

Let us manage your servers while you take care of your business. Contact us with your requirements to get a quote for our services.