Linux Server ManagementMost popular and secure server in web hosting industry


Our services include Linux server installation, optimization, security ,
Linux server migration, monitoring, performance boost etc.

Installation and Server Management

Non-control panel Linux servers. OR Custom control panel.

Non-control panel Linux servers. OR Custom control panel.

Complete pre-server setup & configuration.

Installation & configuration of control panel

Hardware resource management.

Comprehensive linux support.

Configuration of Web servers like Apache, Nginx or LiteSpeed.

Configurations of Mail servers like exim, qmail and postfix.

FTP server setup and configuration.

WordPress , Joomla hosting setup.

Limited 3rd party software support.

Server Security and Monitoring

We keep your server up and running by focusing on core management areas like

Exhaustive server hardening & security.

Advanced Firewall Installation & Configuration.

Server Restoration after crash.

Installation of patches & updates for 3rd party software's.

Monitoring of server logs by certified technical expertise.

Kernel Updates.

System admin consultation.

Troubleshooting server problems.


with Proactive Response & Resolution Time

Unlimited support tickets & administration.

Certified technical expertise.

Guaranteed response time of within 1 hours for support tickets.

Guaranteed resolution time of within 48 hours for support tickets.

No Setup Fees, No Hidden Charges

Let us manage your servers while you take care of your business. Contact us with your requirements to get a quote for our services.